Training / Lessons 

Riding Lessons

Please see "Conditions of riding" & Insurance.
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Individual, approximately, 1 hour lessons from $90. (as of 1st January 2022)  - Includes ground skills such as:

  • Catching

  • Grooming

  • Tack up

  • Lunging

  • Educated school masters available for beginners and advanced riders.


Why choose Equestrian Lessons?

  • Safety - Correct riding offers a lot more control over the horse. With a professional coach and an educated/suitable horse, you can extend your skill level with safety.

  • Direction - Riding is far more satisfying and progressive with the direction of a coach.

  • Support - The support of a coach can help sooth nervous horses and riders.

  • Health - When riding your horse correctly your horse is building correct / healthy muscle structure, which also impacts the horses hoof shape/ balance, hence having bearing on the horses performance.

  • Professional input - For the competitor to have a professional eye on them while they ride, making corrections as necessary. Riding to the best of their ability will ensure peak performance.

  • Knowledge - Children learn responsibility and how to care for the horse.

  • Confidence - The more knowledge you have, the more confidence you grow and less nerves you feel.

  • Exercise - Riding works most muscle groups of your body with no percussion or concussion.

  • Stress Release - Working with an animal is wonderful therapy. While riding, all the stress of life is forgotten.

Horse Float Education

3 days of intense training for your horse plus 1 lesson for you and your horse for $900 (Extra training / lessons - $90 each)

  • Train your horse to load and unload happily

  • Advice on towing

  • Horse float design

  • The right gear to use when floating

  • Floating methods


Why do i need Horse float Education?

  • Safety for horse, handler and everyone in the area when loading, unloading and travelling. Accidents involving horse floats are normally quote significant.

  • Both people and horses become nervous and/or short tempered, this not only escalates safety problems, but sets all concerned up for a bad day.

  • Loading problems make you run late which can put you under alot of pressure when competing. It kills all the fun if you have to scehdule an extra 2 hours loading time every time you take your horse out, not to mention should the horse need to be transported in the case of an emergency.

  • The embarassment of attracting every "wanna be" expert plus dozens of onlookers.

  • Injuries due to traumatic travelling can cause the horse to be scratched from the race / event which is very costly and no fun.

  • Make your horses transport experience as pleasant as possible considering that a horse float is one of the most unnatural environments that you could expose him/her to.

  • Horse and handlers/riders are trained to perform any other task so it's correct to teach them to float.

  • Outings can be easy and stress free when both horse and handler are educated.

Sponsored Rides & Ground Skills
sponsored rides practice makes perfect.j

​​Consider the benefits of Sponsored Programs -

  • Bridge the gap between owning your horse with all the attached burden of expenses, facilities etc. and your only equine time spent being during a lesson.

  • All EXPENSES including vet farrier, feed, agistment, the list goes on ……. ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEM .

  • Manage your equine life to fit in with work, family, other sports & commitments unlike horse ownership where the above mentioned revolve around the horse you own.

  • Sponsored programs unlike ownership are OBLIGATION FREE.

  • Book a day or a week, or as many as you like. Even book your favourite horse every time or experience time spent with several horses. 

  • OPPORTUNITIES including competitions, clinics & potential purchase of your sponsored horse .

  • ADVICE  at your FINGER TIPS to help with your knowledge & experience while with your sponsored horse in a safe, social & controlled environment.

  • ​Qualified students only, conditions apply.

Cost - $150 which includes 1 lesson plus riding or ground skills for 6 days per week or $50 for a sponsored day

All sponsored riders must be Equestrian Australia Members.

Equestrian Australian Membership

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Save yourself the dangerous task of riding the unknown horse, putting yourself or child on the line as “crash test dummy “.

Eliminate the grief and gamble of buying an overpriced, unsuitable or unsound horse !!
Julie-anne offers a service where with thorough consultation with you, all aspects of suitability are discussed and listed.

Together a criteria is created for the joy of horse shopping to commence without the confusion of looking at the ineligible options.

Julie-anne’s qualifications, riding skills & vast knowledge of horse health, anatomy and psychology are the key to you being able to maximise your chances of buying your most desirable horse for the correct market value.

Pre-purchase - $110 per hour per inspection of horse.

Travel - without horse - $20 per hour 

- with horse one way - $100 within 35kms of Batemans Bay; $220 outside 35kms but inside 300km radius of Batemans Bay.

Contact Julie-anne to book your consultation.
Ph 0414859578

Training Facilities
sponsored rides practice makes perfect.j
  • 60m x 20m all weather arena

  • Fully equipped jumping yard

  • Cross country training paddock with bank / drop and ditch.

  • Under cover tack up area

  • Wash bay 

  • Agistment (Clients only) $170.00 per week (includes 1 lesson / training) or $115 per night (includes 1 lesson / training).


Conditions of Riding and Insurance

For insurance simply become a member of Equestrian Australia State Branch.

Don't forget you can use your Service NSW Active Kids Sports Voucher to pay for your child's EA membership. Click here for the link