Gina Hamilton

Name: Gina Hamilton


Age: 50yrs 


Location: Nelligen NSW


Discipline: Dressage and a small amount of eventing 


Level at first lesson with Julie-anne? Beginner and only ever done bush riding 


How did you find Julie-anne? advertisement 


How long have you trained with Julie-anne? 4 years


Present level: prep to prelim 


Short term goals: to get to prelim and novice levels in  dressage and placing 


Long term goals: to ride in a top hat and tails at high level dressage 


Favourite horse: Pip Monster 


Inspirational rider: There are many however I'm very inspired by my coach Julie-anne Humphries, as it her horseman ship and riding skills that have got me to where I am today. 



In the 4 years I have been having lesson I have learnt so much about horses on the ground and in the saddle and myself. Julie-anne has a special touch when coaching and every lesson I walk away feeling like I have achieved. I've made some beautiful friends for life within her school. Thankyou!