Working Pupil Narelle

Rider Profile: Narelle Mills

Year: 2018

Age: 38

Location: Batemans Bay

Discipline: stable hand, trail riding, arena work, barrel work

Level at first lesson with Julie-anne- Beginner, hadn’t ridden in about 20 years

How did you find Julie-anne: Local Advertisement?

How long have you trained with Julie-anne: Since mid-2015, 3 years

Present level: Walk, trot, canter, Riding out, terrain, some barrel work

Short term goals: to retain, rhythm, balance, posture in all walk, trot canter. Complete a dressage sequence, do more barrel work

Long term goals: Buy Julie-annes horse phoenix, extend my capabilities with him, advance, be able to work with him independently on my own

Favourite horse: Phoenix

Inspirational rider: The man from Snowy Mountains, Jack Thompson