Working Pupil Dee

Name: Dee Harvey

Age: 68 years

Location: Batehaven

Discipline: Dressage, bush riding and beach riding when I can

Level at first lesson with Julie-anne: Beginner, had done some trail riding and a few group lessons about 30 years before so yes, definitely a very raw beginner!

How did you find Julie-anne: Husband gave me a gift voucher to keep me entertained when retirement eventually came around?  Little did he know that I would become hooked!

How long have you trained with Julie-anne: 6 years

Present level: Preliminary

Short Term Goals: Learn as much as I can from Julie-anne about the horse itself and riding and put it into practice.

Long Term Goals: Progress further with dressage and above all keep fit and healthy to keep riding

Favourite Horse:  Besides my beloved, Spicee, who is teaching me heaps, I’d have to say, Julie-anne’s horses, Tommy and Ruby, as they have taught me so much on this incredible journey.

Inspirational Rider: There's a few ... Mary Hanna, rode in her 5th Olympics for Australia in Rio at the age of 61; Chris Burton; and Charlotte Dujardin; but Neale Lavis is a true inspiration. I can't leave out my coach either, Julie-anne, whom you learn something new from every time you see her, whether it's in a lesson or on the ground.

Comments: Julie-anne creates a great environment to learn to ride in whilst imparting her wealth of knowledge to her students. Her Sponsored Ride program is excellent, one which has helped me tremendously and put me on the right road to have my own horse. She goes out of her way to accommodate everyone's needs and supports them in their goals not only at home but away in competitions as well.